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Under the general direction of the IT Systems Manager, assist individual users in resolving day to day issues with hardware and software systems.  The position will be a primary person of contact during normal working hours.  The role is to manage all issues through either resolving first hand or transferring the issue to the appropriate internal or 3rd party vendors.  The position is responsible for managing all open issues and ensuring all items are resolved in the most efficient manner.


  • Provides client desktop (Virtual Machine) support with basic level technical understanding and capability (Tier 1) in Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Suite and computing in an enterprise network environment
  • In Tier 1 technical scope, effectively troubleshoots desktops, mobile computing devices, network and peripheral issues; identifies and engages needed resources to remedy problems; Diagnoses and resolves technical issues that require in-depth analysis, such as application, hardware, and software problems;
  • Takes appropriate action (e.g., phone calls, pages, emails, etc.) to contact responsible support personnel to handle system wide events (e.g., system outages, software rollouts, down servers, application failures, etc.)
  • Contacts On-call support for urgent issues on applications used by clients
  • Administers active 2-way communications and ‘knowledge transfer’ with company personnel and 3rd party vendors in real-time
  • Resolve / Create / Assign issues based on priority, impact and complexity to the appropriate level of support required.  Must manage all issues through to completion.
  • Assesses and ensures process and work conforms to existing policies, standards and guidelines
  • Correlate multiple customer issues with good communication to necessary parties to eliminate duplication of work.
  • Document IT infrastructure to current systems and processes and help develop future improvements.


  • High School Diploma with A+ certification or equivalent and 3+ years of experience
  • Prior experience with configuring routers, switches and IP networks a plus.
  • Complete service requests and troubleshoot computer and device problems via the telephone & web channels
  • Standard knowledge and experience in MS Office Suite, MS operations systems, and enterprise network environment
  • Strong client customer skills with the ability to learn quickly and transfer essential knowledge to team members
  • Strong communication and analytical skills to resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess level of urgency and act accordingly
  • Open and adaptable to change

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