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Job Description

Under general direction of the Engineer Manager, is responsible for new tooling design, cam, and support. Provide support for other aspects of tube fabrication and assembly. Provides analysis and direction to solve quality and process control problems on existing production work. Introduces new processes necessary for higher quality and better efficiency.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for complete project management.
    1. Design dies, fixtures, weld jigs, and processes using 3-D cad.
    2. Create required documentation for build (prints/bom).
    3. Purchase all necessary material & components needed.
    4. Program components for fabrication using 3-D cam software.
    5. Support fabrication practices such as new cutter implementation.
    6. Support assembly & implementation of tooling.
  2. Provide support for all aspects of tube fabrication and assembly.
    1. Support all other departments when needed.
  3. Uses problem-solving abilities to support production and maintenance departments.
    1. Set up machines.
    2. Check parts in production.
    3. Work with outside vendors.
    4. Answer questions from sales department and product managers.
    5. Assist on sales calls, repair jobs, and customer visits as required.
    6. Participate on Safety committee.
  4. Support all company goals.
    1. Maintain professional standards of conduct when working with superiors, colleagues and production personnel.
    2. Responsible for the care of manufacturing equipment, physical grounds and departmental office equipment.
    3. Responsible for money: considerable damage, loss, or fines are possible but can be prevented using a high degree of care and attention.
  5. Responsible in business contacts with persons inside or outside the Company where matters discussed require resourcefulness, tact, and a working knowledge of policies, business practice and procedures.


Employment Standards

Education/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Design Engineering.

Knowledge: Sound knowledge of engineering theory and manufacturing techniques. Must be familiar with standard concepts, practices and procedures. Must be familiar with 3-D cad/cam software (preferably Autodesk Inventor & Feature-cam).

Skills: Ability to bring new, creative ideas to the table. Ability to communicate clearly & effectively with those working with you. Effective use of time & resources to ensure projects are completed on time. Analyze and solve problems systematically.

Bohn and Dawson offers a competitive compensation benefits package with tremendous opportunity for growth.

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