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Job Description

The Quality Engineer/Manager supervises the inspection of incoming materials, work-in-progress and finished product to meet specifications and quality standards. Has Management responsibility over Quality Inspectors and Quality Engineers over all 3 shifts. Manages budget related to Quality department.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. New Projects

  • Participates in “New Project Reviews”
  • Determines inspection requirements for new parts
  • Understands critical part features
  • Understands end use of product
  • Offers suggestions for revision to tolerances/material

2. New project inspection tooling

  • Determine inspection tool use
  • Tool specification
  • Design and acquire tooling
  • Certify and calibrate tooling

3. First Article Approval (ISIR) and Documentation

  • Perform full inspection layout and document results
  • Designate a part master sample
  • Send sample part(s) to customer with applicable documentation and notify Product Manager
  • Answer customer inquiries regarding samples, data
  • Issues customer approval document when customer approves, notifying Product Manager, VP Engineering and Quality Assurance (places document in part master file)

4. Monitor New Process Quality

  • Perform yellow tag process on new products.
  • Provide statistical analysis on new products.
  • Determine when yellow tag procedure is completed.

5. New Product Documentation

  • Process documentation, setup information.
  • Measurement instruction.


Quality Tools

1. Determines suitability of quality tools for inspection of part features

  • Bend boards (typically wooden or metal, for checking formed bends and lengths)
  • Fixtures (typically metal, for checking complex parts and features)
  • Gauges (pins, threads, feeler, etc)
  • Measuring Equipment (commercially available items such as calipers, mics, tapes, height gauges, etc)
  • CMM programming and training

2. Purchases Quality Tooling

  • Works with vendors in design and build of fixtures
  • Orders from commercial suppliers

3. Determines proper use of Quality Tooling

  • Write instructions for use of tooling
  • Train others in use of tooling

4. Manages condition of Quality Tooling to ensure functionality

  • Certification
  • Identification
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Storage and control

5. Maintains documentation on Quality Tooling

1. Quality tool design and purchase records

2. Database

  • Cross reference tool # and 8-digit P/N
  • Description
  • Calibration (current and when due)
  • Tool storage location
  • Measuring instructions
  • Use instructions (master and on floor)
  • Change records (history files)

3. Floor Needs

  • Assist in start-up at beginning of shifts
  • Assist in new part start-up and check out

4. Customer Needs

  • New product needs and requirements
  • First part approvals and ISIRs
  • Assist in solving customer quality issues
  • Statistical analysis as required (process capability, R&R)

5. Quality Document Control

  • Ensure floor part drawings are current revision level
  • Ensure quality documents are updated as part drawings are revised


Education/Experience: Typical qualifications are professional degree or training in Quality requirements and SPC, 5 years’ experience in Quality Management in addition to 5 years’ experience in a Management role in Quality.

Knowledge: Principles and practices of Quality Management and SPC. Use of all tools and equipment used in quality control.

Skills: Developing and maintaining accurate records and reports; effective use of time and materials to ensure quality parts to the customer on time; analyzing and independently solving process problems; interpersonal communications verbally and in writing, with a diverse range of people; maintaining effective business relations with other departments and customers.

Bohn and Dawson offers a very competitive compensation, bonus and benefits package. For immediate consideration, please submit your resume to Susanne Childers, Recruiting Manager at Bohn and Dawson.

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