Welded Assemblies and Tube Bending for Personal Motorcraft

We provide tubular handle bars, seat frames, canopy frames, roll over protection components and welded frame assemblies.

Fast Facts

  • Frames & Sub-Frame Tubing
  • Welded Sub-Assemblies for Frames
  • Handle Bars & Control Levers
  • Upright Frames
  • Seating Components
  • Suspension Arms & “A” Arm Components

For stable ATV, UTV, and golf cart welded frame assemblies, look no further than Bohn and Dawson. We specialize in fabricated tubing and roll over protection components to create personal motorcraft that are not only safe, but durable and well-built. We make sure to customize the experience by ensuring our parts fit every one of your custom measurements and applications.

With a commitment to improvement under the ISO framework and fabricated tubing for numerous assemblies, Bohn and Dawson can provide tubular handlebars, seat frames, canopy frames, and more.

Various applications for our metal tubing personal motorcraft fabrication include:

  • Handlebars and footrest weldments, including “bolt on” components and subassemblies, and 4 stroke exhaust headers (1:1 r bending)
  • Racks for personal motorcraft, including front and rear luggage racks; seat rails and their down tubes; suspension “a” arm components; swing arm components and subassemblies; pivot tube components and subassemblies; and cross tubes.
  • Tank rails, including down tubes and subassemblies; cross members and cross tubes; engine mounts and subassemblies; front bumpers and their subassemblies; and front brush guards and their subassemblies.

Metal fabrication for personal motorcraft such as ATVS, UTVs, and golf carts involves precision engineering. Bohn and Dawson is here to help with these welded frame assemblies. We offer fast production time and customer service to meet your needs.

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Advanced Quality Planning

Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) is a process that brings all disciplines in the manufacturing process which ensures quality parts are produced. AQP is a proven process at B&D that guarantees our customers quality parts are on-time, safely.