Metal Tube Roll Cages & Rollover Protection System (ROPS) Manufacuring

  • Bohn and Dawson produces Roll Over Protection  frames, components and welded assemblies.
  • We produce large profile tubes to your specifications.

Fast Facts

  • Upper Supports
  • Lower Supports
  • Fold-Down ROPS
  • Fixed ROPS
  • Canopy Frames

Preventative measures such as adding a roll cage or other roll over protection systems (ROPS) to equipment allows for ease of mind and additional protection.

These systems are often added to heavy equipment, ATVs, soil compactors, and other motorized equipment used in numerous industries during the production process, but they can also be added post-production. Additionally, roll over protection systems are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when operating mowers or tractors in a professional capability, so it is crucial to add these systems to your fleet of equipment to adhere to these guidelines.

We provide various metal tubing fabrication applications for ROPS manufacturing such as:

  • Upper supports connect to the lower support to secure the structure and solidify the frame.
  • Lower supports provide a foundation for the overall roll over system structure.
  • Fold-Down ROPS allow for the roll bar to move down, preventing obstruction in operations such as when encountering low clearance areas.
  • Fixed ROPS stay in place and are durable in the event your vehicle or equipment has a roll over incident.
  • Canopy frames are used as sunshades on equipment such as tractors, but they can also provide roll over protection in the event a problem occurs.

Metal fabrication for ROPS and roll cages protects your fleet and your equipment. Bohn and Dawson’s provides precision engineering for roll over systems using metal tubing and fabrication. Contact us today to request a quote.

Advanced Quality Planning

Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) is a process that brings all disciplines in the manufacturing process which ensures quality parts are produced. AQP is a proven process at B&D that guarantees our customers quality parts are on-time, safely.