Solar Panel Frames & Mounts Fabrication

  • Strong foundational supports for solar panels are becoming an increasingly essential need as the market grows and more businesses are turning to solar as a viable energy resource.
  • Bohn and Dawson provides metal tubing and welding for the solar panel industry.

Fast Facts

  • Solar Panel Frames
  • Solar Panel Mounts

Constructing a solar field, solar park, or solar farm can require significant upfront investment, and it is especially important to use solar panel frames and mounts that are durable, long-lasting, and made from high quality materials.

Bohn and Dawson is proud to be a solar panel frame manufacturer for this growing industry. We use carbon welded steel tubing and aluminum tubing in your frames and mounts, ensuring our stronger materials and manufacturing meet the standards for your solar panels. If you are an OEM solar panel manufacturer looking for a high quality product, or you have invested in solar panels and need a way to mount them as part of your project, then we are able and interested in manufacturing your custom solar rigs.

At Bohn and Dawson, we are engineers with tremendous knowledge of the materials we work with and the production of parts with exacting specifications and requirements. Applying this knowledge and extensive experience to the solar industry’s needs allows us to create custom tubular mounting systems for solar panels in order to meet your project’s needs.

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With the goal of manufacturing safe, effective frames and mounts for solar panels of all sizes, we use our expertise with metal tubing, bending, and welding as well as the most advanced equipment to achieve your goals.

To discuss how our skilled engineering team can create frames, mounts, and other metal components for the solar power industry, contact us today.