Complex & High-Volume Parts

  • Quick machine setup and changeover
  • Cellular manufacturing
  • Machine PM and rebuilding
  • Tool and die design/build
  • Continuous Improvement Teams (CIT) – low-cost producer & process enhancement
  • Complex parts are the ones you don’t want to make.
  • We specialize in the difficult parts.
  • Our engineers will use their experience and work with you to simplify the most challenging parts.

Fast Facts

  • All of our tooling is designed and built in-house using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).
  • We use Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) for all new projects.
  • We use Continuous Improvement Teams (CIT) to continuously improve all our products.
  • 10,000,000 parts made per year
  • Thousands of dies in inventory
  • From head rests to hip restraints
  • Competitive Quoting
  • Timely Execution and Project Implementation
  • CAD/CAM Tooling
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Quality

Complex Part Blueprint

Parts or assemblies that have multiple bends/forms or punching/piercing operations that have critical performance characteristics or tolerances on features/surfaces/holes. Or, parts with lots of operations with exacting dimensional attributes.

High-Volume Blueprint

Tubular parts that are in “the tens-of-thousands” are considered to be high volume parts.

Advanced Quality Planning

Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) is a process that brings all disciplines in the manufacturing process which ensures quality parts are produced. AQP is a proven process at B&D that guarantees our customers quality parts are on-time, safely.