Metal Tube Prototyping

Complex parts are the ones you don’t want to make. At Bohn and Dawson, we specialize in the difficult parts.

Fast Facts

  • 10,000,000 parts made per year
  • Thousands of dies in inventory
  • From head rests to hip restraints

Our engineers will use their experience and work with you to simplify the most challenging parts. We can create prototypes for short run projects, or they can be used for proof of concept before full manufacturing and assembly can take place. We provide prototypes for a number of industries, capabilities, and uses, working with materials specific to what your project demands.

Contact the experienced engineers at Bohn and Dawson today to request a quote.

Advanced Quality Planning

Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) is a process that brings all disciplines in the manufacturing process which ensures quality parts are produced. AQP is a proven process at B&D that guarantees our customers quality parts are on-time, safely.