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ROPS - Rollover Protection Systems

BDI has broad and deep experience manufacturing Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS).

Through numerous projects at BDI, we’ve developed sourcing capabilities, stringent quality protocols, and a deep understanding of ROPS material and design characteristics. Thanks to this unmatched experience, we fabricate rollover protection systems that consistently meet robust safety specifications and standards. 

We have years of experience manufacturing safety components, frames, and assemblies for outdoor power equipment, agriculture, utility vehicles, ATVs, and other motorized equipment. Whether you’re an OEM manufacturer seeking robust ROPS components or a completed assembly, our engineers have the knowledge and expertise to manufacture rollover protection structures that deliver peace of mind.

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Our seasoned engineering team has an intimate knowledge of the materials we work with and their broad application across the ROPS market. We’ve created many solutions for customers throughout the industry. Don’t see the application you’re seeking? Just ask!

Provide critical structural integrity for the ROPS frame and safeguard the operator compartment during a rollover

Anchor the ROPS to the vehicle frame, transfer impact forces, and maintain stability

Designed for applications requiring easy entry and exit from the operator compartment by folding down when not in use

Offer a robust and long-lasting solution for maximum operator protection

Provide overhead protection from the elements while supporting structural integrity

Rollover protection systems require a specific blend of properties for peak performance: high strength to withstand the vehicle’s weight, energy absorption to lessen the impact, and lasting durability under various conditions. Substandard materials can weaken, bend, or break under stress, thus jeopardizing operator safety. At BDI, we prioritize the right materials to ensure ROPS can fulfill its critical role.

The BDI Difference

Since 1946, BDI has been a trusted partner in engineering and fabricating high-volume tubular parts and welded assemblies. Our engineers boast deep material knowledge and extensive experience meeting exacting specifications for large-scale projects. The team, coupled with innovative equipment, makes BDI the leading provider of precision cutting (CNC and laser), tube bending, machining, drilling, robotic and hand welding, and tube end finishing.

We operate with a commitment to excellence by maintaining our ISO 9001:2015 certification.  This ensures consistent quality and adherence to rigorous industry standards. BDI’s vast 300,000+ square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space in the U.S. lets us manage large-scale projects and meet demanding custom metal tube fabrication schedules efficiently.

Superior Rollover Protection System Fabrication

Don’t settle for anything less than the best regarding operator safety. BDI’s dedication to quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes ensures your ROPS withstand the toughest conditions.  

Partner with BDI for peace of mind, knowing your operators have the strongest, most reliable rollover protection systems on their side. Request a quote for your ROPS solution today.

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