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Laser Processing

BDI offers metal tube laser processing and bending services that complement our wide array of mechanical processes, enabling us to deliver precision, complex, cost-effective parts, assemblies and weldments that meet your requirements and timetable.

With over 60 years of experience, our engineers bring deep technical knowledge of laser processing, ensuring parts that deliver the specified fit, form and function.

BLM Adige Laser Processing System

Our BLM Adige tube laser processing system cuts, trims and profiles round, square and rectangular tubing from .500″ diameter to 4.5″ square. This capacity enables us to process holes and end conditions along straight sections of tube, and to process tubes prior to bending with holes, end cuts or other complex cutouts. Production lead times with our system are dramatically shorter than mechanically-tooled processes.

Our laser system also provides broad flexibility to provide tight tolerance/unique end conditions for better weld joint fit-up and reduced weld tooling cost. We also utilize a robotic plasma cutting/trimming cell for tight tolerance, post-fabrication cutting of large tube wall components.

Our Services

We look to meet and exceed our customers expectations in all the markets we serve by tailoring our metal tube fabrication services to customer’s needs.

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