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BDI has extensive experience providing metallurgy, automation, and tooling design for the solar industry.

For 75 years, BDI has been a premier supplier of high-volume tubular parts and welded assemblies. Our metallurgical, fabrication, welding, and logistics knowledge and experience make us a preferred supplier to designers and EPCs in the utility-scale PV field marketplace. Our commitment to innovation is exemplified by our custom solar ground screw offerings, further enhancing our ability to meet the industry’s evolving needs.

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Best-in-Class Solar Foundation Components Made in the USA

Although not every manufacturer is 100% US-based, at BDI, we fabricate all of our solar structure parts in the United States using domestic materials and labor. As a result, your solar PV fields contain IRA-qualified domestic content and the highest quality, most durable foundation and support parts, guaranteed. We take pride in keeping jobs, materials, products, and solar fields on our home turf.

We produce the following parts for your ground-mounted solar systems:

Ground Screws

BDI is one of the only US-based producers of welded ground screws. Share your criteria with us, and we’ll design and build ground screws that support your project’s needs.

  • Sizes range from 63mm to 144mm in diameter, 1.5 to 2.5 meters in length
  • 100% fabricated in the USA
  • Material: ASTM A513 / A500 HSLA
  • Surface Finish: G60 or ASTM-123 HDG
BDI's made-in-the-USA solar ground screw

"A" Frame Supports

We also produce “A” frames, support caps, and other solar foundation tackle to serve demanding projects.

If your design calls for welded or fabricated “A” frames for supporting your solar modules, BDI’s engineers will design and build the components to your specifications, ensuring your project can withstand the harshest conditions. Depending on your design criteria, we can also provide pre-galvanized, G90, or ASTM A123 HDG.

Custom Solar Structure Fabrication

At BDI, we leverage superior tube fabrication and engineered welded assemblies to create custom parts and products for numerous industries.

We know your solar project is unique and requires specific materials, dimensions, finishings, and coatings. Our expert solar structure manufacturers and engineers will work with you to create a unique solution that meets your needs.

Why Choose Our Solar Structure Manufacturers?

When you choose BDI, you get more than just solar support systems – you receive an experienced engineering team committed to providing custom solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. We’ve stayed ahead of the latest advancements in materials and technology since our founding in 1946, so you can trust that your products will last.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, we’re one of the largest contract tubing fabricators, serving multiple markets across North America in our 300,000+ feet of US-based manufacturing and warehousing facilities. We’re dedicated to 100% satisfaction through our strict adherence to Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) processes.

We use steel formulated by USA steel mills and converted from coil to tubing by USA Tube Converters. We also utilize multiple grades of HSLA steel daily and guarantee consistency and compliance from lot to lot. We don’t leave anything to change because our customers cannot afford to.

Quality is our focus for our solar structures. We prioritize superior quality in every aspect of our products. Our solar structures always meet high standards, providing the strength and durability you can trust.

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Whatever your needs, our solar structure manufacturers and engineers have the technical expertise to handle your project precisely. We’re committed to providing the highest quality solar mounting support solutions that match your requirements. Request a quote today to get started.

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