100% Made-in-the-USA Solar Ground Screws

Custom Solar Ground Screws for Large-Scale PV Installations

Our custom ground screws meet the specific needs of “utility-scale” PV fields. We work closely with your design and operations team to provide the most competitive pricing for a 100% made-in-the-USA alternative for your design. 

Your vision becomes our mission, resulting in ground screws that integrate into your large-scale PV installations and provide a foundation you can trust.

Why Choose BDI for your Ground Screws?

We have 75 years of experience providing fabricated tubular parts and welded assemblies for demanding, high-volume users in multiple markets. We are a recognized leader in the contract manufacturing market, and we have the awards and certifications to make this statement. 

Our internal support teams understand high-volume production and have experience managing the supply chain, scheduling, and production to support our customers’ needs for ontime delivery.

At BDI, we understand construction project timelines, and we are committed to delivering with shorter lead times than the offshore alternatives. Our domestic supply chain is solid, developed to support highvolume production, and tested daily, getting you in and out of your project on time. 

Ground screws face harsh environments and insertion methods that demand reliable adherence to specifications. We use steel formulated by USA steel mills and converted from coil to tubing by USA Tube Converters. 

We utilize multiple grades of HSLA steel daily and guarantee consistency and compliance from lot to lot. We don’t leave anything to change because our customers cannot afford to.  

Quality is our focus for our branded ground screws for solar mounting. We prioritize superior quality in every aspect of our products. Our screws always meet high standards, making them the trusted choice for construction and homeowner projects. Whether you’re building decks, fences, partitions, or pergolas, our screws provide the strength and durability you can rely on.

BDI is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. We guarantee our quality. Our mission statement is “Producing Quality Parts, On Time.” Following our quality standards ensures our products remain consistent and our customers succeed.  

We understand the unique demands of the commercial PV field industry. Our ground screws meet the requirements of solar field developers, EPCs, builders, racking suppliers, and design firms. When you choose us to produce your product, you select a proven supplier with 75 years of highvolume tube fabrication and automated welding experience. 

Our ground screws qualify as 100% domestic content and are compatible with the IRA Solar Program Rebates. 

We design our branded ground screws to meet the needs of solar field developers, builders, and design firms of all sizes. We understand that each project is different, and our solutions are adaptable to meet your needs and expectations.

BDI's Unrivaled Offering

At BDI, we take pride in providing an unparalleled offering in the solar ground screws market. We present a domestic alternative to offshore suppliers of screws, with our dedicated U.S.-based engineering support providing valuable insight to address your technical needs.

Our commitment to better metallurgy and predictable quality alloys guarantees the durability and reliability of our screws. We offer high-quality production, fast response times, and excellent customer service, making BDI the trusted choice for ground screw installation.

Custom Solar Ground Screws

BDI consistently meets and exceeds industry standards. We ensure our American-made ground screws seamlessly integrate into your utility-scale PV field installation project – whatever its vision and requirements. Our close collaboration with your team guarantees the perfect size, shape, and overall fit the first time.

Ready to Start Your Project with BDI’s Solar Ground Screws?

Explore how our custom and branded solar ground screws can elevate your initiatives. Contact us today to discover how BDI can revolutionize your solar and construction projects.

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