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Tube Bending and Welding Services

We offer a broad range of tube bending and welding services, enabling us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations across many markets. Our engineering expertise ensures we can custom-tailor our metal tube fabrication services to provide the parts you need, whether their design and manufacturing challenges are straightforward or complex.

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Explore Our Tube Bending and Welding Services

At BDI, we specialize in custom tube bending and welding services for our clients in various industries. Our capabilities include the following:

Tube Bending, Punching, & End Forming

We provide tube bending, punching, and end-forming services with our 50+ CNC/N/C-controlled benders. 

Our processes and materials for tube bending, punching, and end forming are as follows:

  • Tube Bending: We use CNC machinery to bend complex parts requiring high speed, compression bending for tight tolerance, draw bending, mandrel draw bending, and boost assist (1:1 R) draw bending.
  • Punching: Our tube punching systems deliver savings and greater efficiency, allowing us to perform jobs that might otherwise require expensive dies and stamping equipment.
  • End Forming: We can create end applications such as beading and marmon beading, expanding, reducing, flaring, swaging, and threading.

Robotic & Manual Tube Welding

Manual tube welding is a process that can produce complex shapes. Robotic tube welding uses computer-aided machinery to automate the welding process.

We can weld various thicknesses of metal tubing to create a quality result, regardless of industry or product specifications. Our highly skilled technicians utilize several welding techniques, so you can be confident that your products meet industry standards.

Assembly, Kitting, & Value-Added Services

Assembly involves joining parts together in a precise manner according to design specifications. Kitting includes sorting and packaging components so our customers don’t have to manage vendor relationships. We also provide value-added design services like engineering, prototyping, and finishing options.

Our engineers fabricate, test, and optimize your prototypes to ensure you get the ideal part for your operations. We can reduce product development time, allowing you to introduce it to the market faster.

Additionally, our team can finish your metal tube products with several options, whether for durability or aesthetics. Choose from Chrome and Zinc Plating to Anodizing and more.

Laser Processing

Our laser processing and bending services complement our array of mechanical offerings. We utilize the BLD Adige laser processing system to cut, trim, and profile round, square, and rectangular tubing from 0.500″ diameter to 4.5″ square. The system’s capacity allows us to reduce production lead times compared to mechanically-tooled processes.

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At BDI, we offer several tube bending and welding capabilities to solve our clients’ complex engineering and design challenges. We produce large volumes of fabricated tubes and welded assemblies. And we have the awards and recognition to prove it.

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