Tube Bending Services

High-Volume Tube Bending, Punching & End Forming

BDI is second to none, providing tube bending services for high-volume complex parts that require high-speed, tight-tolerance bending. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle whatever you throw our way. Whether you’re working on a one-time project or have a regular production schedule, we can help you get the job done right. With competitive pricing and fast turnaround times, we’ll ensure your project remains on time and within budget.

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Our Machinery

We have over 50 CNC/N/C-controlled benders operating on our factory floor and 300 sets of bend dies in house. Our machinery allows us to draw, form, flatten, and pierce many different shapes and sizes of tube for your project.

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Tube Bending, Punching & End Forming

Tube Bending

We specialize in bending complex parts that require high speed, tight tolerance bending utilizing compression bending, draw bending, mandrel draw bending and boost assist (1:1 R) draw bending.

Tube Punching

Our tube punching systems deliver both precision and cost-savings, enabling tube punching that might otherwise require complex, costly dies and stamping equipment. However, where dies and stamping are required, we provide the requisite technical expertise and execution to meet your project’s goals.

End Forming

When it comes to end form development and tooling design, our engineering team offers custom solutions and end form applications such as beading and marmon beading, expanding, reducing, flaring, swaging, and threading.

Our Services

We look to meet and exceed our customers expectations in all the markets we serve by tailoring our metal tube fabrication services to customer’s needs.

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